What Trust Looks Like

July 1, 2021

The design of a logo is crucially important—it’s often the first thing people use to create their first impression of your business, and one of the easiest things to stick into their minds after the encounter. At Corporate Move Consulting Inc, we wanted our clients’ experience to be reassuring from the onset—that’s why we chose blue and orange to represent our business, along with the image of B.O.B., our curvy little mascot.


The color blue is a natural indication of calmness and trustworthiness in our psychology. When we view cool blue in a logo, it communicates with us that this business is fiscally responsible and can provide stability, even in the most chaotic of times. Blue is the most prevalent color in all of CMCI’s material because we want our clients to know they will be taken care of from the very start of the process.


Orange is known to evoke feelings of cheerfulness and success in the brain. We start every project with these values in the forefront of our minds—we owe it to the teams we work with to plan transitions that are as stress-free and effective as possible. Happy clients are a great parameter for success.


BOB is the abstract man in our logo and stands for Bending Over Backwards. Every project comes with obstacles—it’s our job to plan around them. Whether it’s conducting an emergency move after a hurricane damages our client’s facility, or planning transitions to begin after hours to keep customers operational, we always find the best way to complete a project. B.O.B. is a symbol of our flexibility.

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