Corporate Move Consulting Inc. (CMCI) helps companies, organizations, and institutions protect their bottom lines during moves, activations, and transitions by creating an overarching five-step system and customized processes to keep business running as usual. Every day that your workplace is not fully operational can equal $100,000 – $300,000 lost. At CMCI, our business is keeping you in business.

Our founder, Renee McNiel, started her career in corporate move consulting in 1989 when she joined Lesley & Associates and immediately began moving over 1,500 employees for CNG Producing in New Orleans. During her 16 years working for this firm, Ms. McNiel started out as a Project Coordinator and worked her way up to Vice President. In 2005, she decided it was time to start her own business. CMCI was created out of a desire to implement full scope project management services.

Our proprietary five step project management process has been implemented for over 775 projects involving over 44,000 employees and 27.5 million square feet. We have successfully completed projects in Houston, Austin and San Antonio as well as in Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Florida, California and Washington. At CMCI, we pride ourselves in providing the solutions our clients are seeking for their relocation needs. We define the industry standard for risk-free relocation; that is why our clients repeatedly hire us for all their upcoming projects. Check out the services we offer and see what we can do for you.

We are unique because:

– We have a trained strong bench where all employees follow the same processes for each project.

– We can provide clients with a dashboard with real-time project updates- paperless project management

– CMCI is the only move consultant to handle “emergency” projects.

We are most proud of:

– Our local and national awards.

– Our annual support provided to various community organizations who focus on the needs of women and children.