CMCI proudly works with leading organizations on office moves of various sizes including activations, relocations and restacks. In fact, we’re proud to say we’ve helped one organization move 376 times in 11 years as they’ve pursued healthcare-related relocations and expansions. This repeat business is a testament to the trust clients put in CMCI’s commercial move management capabilities. Here’s how our clients feel about us.


“Working with Renee and her team at CMCI was easy from start to finish. What I didn’t realize is the extent and depth of their work. One moving company told us it would take a week to move us and that we would need to shut down. When I told Renee that story, she said the move did not have to go in that direction and that it was possible to move us over a weekend and not have any downtime. Well, she was right. We were actually drinking cocktails in the lobby Friday at 5:30 and CMCI was complete with the move. I highly recommend hiring CMCI if you want to eliminate your risk of downtime!” – Merrill Crawford

“Renee, Michele and the entire CMCI team went above and beyond to make this move a success for us. I have known Renee personally for a decade and her company represents exactly who she is. CMCI’s strengths: Extreme Attention to Detail, Clear Communication, Set Up for Success. CMCI = Integrity. 100%.” When asked if they would recommend CMCI their response was: “There is no other choice!” – Katherine Warren and Amanda Butler

“I’ve used CMCI on three different moves. Each move was handled seamlessly and most important with minimal disruption to the day-to-day operations of our business. From planning, execution and follow through the CMCI team acted professionally, communicated clearly and executed on-time. This freed me and my staff to focus on our business, thus saving us time and money along the way. Thank you CMCI team!” – Greg Burns

“Starting in 1995, I have engaged the services of CMCI numerous times at four different companies and have found them to be professional and attentive. I have always felt that they provided great service which was definitely worth what we paid. Their pre-move work is invaluable, they are very helpful in the RFP process for the moving company, and do a great job of scheduling and coordinating the move, as well as watching over the move itself. I have no hesitation recommending CMCI.” – Craig McPhie

“We have relied on the professionals at Corporate Move Consulting for each of our three office relocations over the past 20 years. Renee and her team were extremely knowledgeable, and no detail was left to chance. All members of their staff were extremely organized, and provided excellent communication through all phases of the schedule. Each time I have felt that those were the best dollars we spent in the moves! In each case we were able to serve our clients and conduct business as usual throughout the day until Friday afternoon, and when we arrived in our new offices on Monday we were completely set up and ready to go, without any significant interruption to our operations. While I hope never to move again, if I do, I will use the team from CMCI.” – Kenneth Guidry

“We have utilized the professionalism and expertise of CMCI several times over the last few years. Their focus on customer experience, detailed processes that are customized to meet the needs of each business along with a thorough follow upwith our stakeholder have proven to be a major factor to the success of our projects. We consistently receive positive feedback on the experience of our moves which is why we consider CMCI as a provider of choice.” – an Oil and Gas Company

“Working with Renee and her team at CMCI was easy from start to finish. When we reached out for a quote to move our office, they asked all the right questions so they could provide an accurate cost estimate. Being seasoned pros, the CMCI team walked us through the best way to approach our move and how to handle the items we needed to dispose of. With their guidance we hit our milestones and helped our staff prepare for and settle into our new location with minimal stress. CMCI and FKP|CannonDesign have a client in common and we work with Renee’s people through that relationship as well. It is awesome to see how they handle the activation of a large building just as smoothly as they did our one floor build-out. I would not hesitate to recommend CMCI to anyone in need of move consultation services.” – Shelby Papp

“I utilized the services of Corporate Move Consulting and the excellent, experienced staff to help direct our recent multiple office consolidation and relocation. Everyone on the staff was professional and experienced in their field, and always available to help guide our move planning. We experienced no disruption to planned work times, and moves were completed and we were ready for business Monday morning after each phase of our move. CMCI was able to prevent issues before we encountered them, and when an issue presented itself we were able to find a correction to keep the move going on schedule. CMCI made the move easy. I would hire them again or recommend them to anyone needing move services.” – Jennifer Andjelich

“CMCI’s involvements in the successful completion of the on time move in delivery at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) were critical to the ongoing operations of every department head of both the new 12 story Jennie Sealy

Hospital along with its new 8 story Clinical Services wing. CMCI’s role in the success of moving the departments into their new facilities went off without a hitch. Their team was very organized and moved at a very fast pace. Some of the more critical activities behind the scenes, were to implement a software strategy that incorporated the storage of new equipment at an offsite warehouse. Sounds simple, but the client wanted an immediate notice of when the new equipment hit the warehouse so that timely paments could be made. As we were transporting the $180,000,000 of new equipment from the warehouse, CMCI’s knowledge of software could detect how much equipment was loaded into each truckload so that it never exceeded the insurance limits of $1,000,000. CMCI’s knowledge of knowing what was required to tie into the UTMB client’s software and the CMCI Moving services software was driven by a very strong CMCI inhouse logistics team. As the UTMB Project Program Manager, I would highly recommend CMCI for any complex critical move that you are considering.” – Brian Smith

“CMCI managed our move five years ago and did such an excellent job that myself and the Office Manager were given a $1,000 bonus each. It is now five years later and we are moving again and there is no way I would hire anyone else. CMCI made the whole faciilites team look great and it really was effortless for us.” – a Facilities Manager at an Energy Company

“We had never heard of Move Consulting Services before our General Contractor said we should utilize one. We interviewed three companies and chose CMCI. Now having been through this move, I can say I would never undertake another move without CMCI.” – a Controller at an Energy Company

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for such a high level of service over the past few years. The CMCI team is a very organized and results oriented team who not only provide superior results but also encourage a collaborative atmosphere. This has helped us maintain a positive employee toward the numerous moves and other changes which have occurred at our institution.” – an Asset Manager/Administrative Director at a Hospital

“We highly recommend the services of CMCI as they were an invaluable partner in successfully moving our facility with zero impact to our schedule and service to our clients.” – a CEO at a Design/Production Company

“The CMCI team quickly jumped right in our complex move project, engaged with project team members and have the right tools and resources to skillfully execute a corporate relocation. They work well behind the scenes developing plans, schedules and move materials and effectively work with individuals, teams, and in large group settings to make sure that information is collected and move details are thoroughly communicated. I highly recommend CMCI.” – a Sr. Manager, Facilities

“Wow, the difference between you and your competition is that your process really covers all the details. You do more than scheduling. Very impressive.” -Program Manager, Engineering and Construction Firm – Hospital Project

“We chose CMCI due to their flexibility in giving us exactly what we wanted while the competition was only interested in providing full services, whether or not they were needed.” – Director of Real Estate, Energy Company

“We have always been able to depend on you and your staff to handle each project with as little disruption to our employees as possible.” – Manager of Facility and Real Estate Services, Energy Company

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