Corporate Move Consulting Inc (CMCI) offers move consulting services to help facility managers plan business relocations, maximize vendor relationships and execute successful moves. Using our proven 5-step process, we’ll help you address every detail and complete your office move without a hitch. As your moving consultant, we’ll guide you before, during and after your move to minimize disruptions to your daily operations. From establishing communication plans, timelines and budgets to supervising your move-related vendors and ensuring they deliver on time and within budget, CMCI is the trusted corporate moving consultant in Greater Houston.

Full Scope
For large corporations and institutions who need a risk-free solution to their complex moves, we suggest using the full scope of CMCI’s expertise. Our full scope services facilitate the entire move—from start-up to decommission—so that employees can focus on their workload without the extra headache of coordinating a relocation. CMCI makes a point to understand the unique needs of every company’s move so that the transition is smooth and efficient. We take a hands-on approach for clients using our full scope services, meaning we handle every aspect of the move preparation and monitor the contractors, movers, and vendors, allowing company staff to continue normal operations and keep the business profitable.

Flexible Scope
Our small scope service offers expert advice on the relocation process for facilities managers struggling with certain aspects of a move. Small scope means that CMCI suggests how we would accomplish a successful relocation, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the client to get it done. This offering is for businesses with a smaller move budget who need consultation on creating a smooth transition. Take a look at our full Services page to explore what we can accomplish for your business.

Virtual Consulting
Our virtual move consulting is also a good option for organizations moving 25,000 square feet or less. CMCI is here to help you experience an easy, smooth and stress-free move. Leverage our strong experience. Contact us today for a phone conversation or virtual consultation via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.