What is a Trash Bash?

September 28, 2022

Trash Bash


Consider this: There are documents and files in your workplace, in storage room, file rooms, file cabinets or on desks that haven’t been looked through in months or sometimes years…. Surely there must be a way to get rid of the clutter that has been accumulating. Well, there is. For each move that CMCI manages we plan an event called ‘Trash Bash.’ Have you never heard of it? Well, we invite you to continue reading this blog. You will be able to understand the importance of scheduling and timing a successful Trash Bash, while assessing whether hiring an experienced move consultant is best for you.

After gathering information from our internal subject matter experts (SMEs), we can better understand the term ‘trash bash’ and how it benefits clients. Our SME’s are seasoned Project Managers, with decades of experience under their belts.

At CMCI, we have planned ‘trash bashes’ since our first project in 2005. This means we know a thing or two about managing a trash bash for any organization of any size. So, what is a trash bash? According to our SME’s, “it’s the opportunity for departments, companies, and hospitals that are planning a move to sort through and trash, recycle, or archive unwanted things.” Along with this, “comes sorting outdated documents and even supplies. On one trash bash we have seen decades-old juice”! Yes, we know cringe …

Since there are different types of items that can be considered trash, there are different ways to dispose of each item. Our SME states, “It’s up to the client to determine what is trash-able, recyclable, or archivable”. We categorize options as: trash to a dumpster, to donation piles, shredding documents, or to recycle (if it’s recyclable materials). Once the items are removed, where does it go after you and your company have minimized the clutter? Leave that up to us – finding the appropriate place to dispose of your discarded items is part of CMCI’s process. (and, we often work with our clients’ current vendors, too.)

We keep you and the team informed each step of the way. Depending on your company’s size, a trash bash can last one day to multiple weeks according to our subject matter experts. Before anything takes place, our project team sends out communications tailored to your company’s trash activities. We create the newsletter notification and determine the schedule as with ALL other services we provide. Our project team sends out a newsletter specific to you which is dispersed to all employees. It details the how’s, what’s, and when’s for the trash bash. This allows time to get your team onboard and everything in order before the trash bash date approaches. Check out our services tab on our website for additional information.

Organizing a trash bash led by our team saves you money, time, and space. Forward thinking by identifying and getting rid of unnecessary items early, will save your company money during the move process. For instance, CMCI has saved clients hundreds, even thousands of dollars by minimizing the amount of time movers spend relocating items that will ultimately go in the trash.

The key to successfully timing your trash bash is in the knowledge of how much trash each department generates per week or month. Time your trash bash close enough to the move date to ensure you are effective and are not generating more trash, recyclables etc. so you will not preform another trash bash.

Setting aside time to plan a trash bash before the move will result in tangible benefits. Your team will benefit by coming to their new space with less clutter which frees them to focus on important tasks. The overall time and cost savings will be significant, and your team will have a better frame of mind when arriving at their new space. Letting go can be freeing!

Our services are designed to allow you and your team to continue your daily functions. No matter if you are in healthcare, at a corporation, or an institution, we will execute every detailed task with efficiency and on schedule. Simultaneously, as we are on-site conducting activities this allows your employees to focus on their core tasks where their expertise shines.

Lastly, the trash bash helps with the removal of unnecessary items to open up space in places that were not considered. With your newfound space, your team will be able to use it strategically and sometimes even reap the benefits of repurposing newly found equipment such as storage cabinets, file rooms, and more. Repurposing presents more savings when you repurpose office supplies that had been overlooked or forgotten before the trash bash.

As it is in every organization, communication is key. It’s not a secret that everyone being on the same page is one of the keys to success. Our team will provide a level of understanding and will communicate regularly to keep leadership and your move or activation team up to date. The end goal of every trash bash is to have a satisfied client with a functional space. When CMCI is managing your project, this goal is realized. We will guide you through all of the steps along the way.

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