Corporate Move Consulting Inc (CMCI) has developed a unique 5-step process to address all the details of your project. Our 5-step process allows us to diligently prepare, coordinate vendors and employees, execute the change and conduct a thorough follow-up and decommissioning. Through this process, you’ll really see our consulting skills shine as we rigorously guide you using proven project management principles.

Our Process:

1.Project Start-Up: We meet with the client team to review expectations, understand roles and define key activities.

2.Project Development: A successful transition is all about the details–this phase works them all out. We collaborate with your team, review all necessary activities, and communicate with you to plan for possible obstacles.

3.The Transition: A CMCI staff member is on site to meticulously coordinate the various vendors through a synchronized schedule. We ensure the vendors protect the space and equipment, and deliver on time and within budget.

4.Move Follow-Up: We conduct a post-move walkthrough of the new space and document and resolve any issues prior to recommending final vendor payment. We are on site with employees to troubleshoot and ensure employees are back to work immediately.

5.Decommissioning: CMCI, alongside the client, defines and coordinates all liquidation or decommissioning activities. The space is returned to the landlord in an orderly manner, meeting all lease agreement requirements.

Every step of the way, we’re looking out for our clients’ best interests to make the project a pleasant one. CMCI truly uses a detailed approach so that your staff continues with regular business operations and the project is executed on time and within budget. Our strong experience coupled with this five-step process is critical to transition success.

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