Many misconstrue the concept of moving a business as similar to moving a home.

That’s why companies that have their own internal team manage the move usually end up with more problems, even months after the relocation. The truth is, thousands of decisions must be made for the relocation of a medium to large organization. With hundreds to thousands of employees, these choices can be overwhelming for individuals who do not specialize in this arena.

Our proprietary, stress-free Move Checklist has up to 986 line items on it, and for special situations, we add even more. With over 32 years of experience relocating companies as complex as hospitals and Fortune 500 corporations, our experience mitigates things that can go wrong, so we know how to eliminate the risks before they happen. With CMCI, not only will we keep your business IN business, we will make your transition not only smooth, but also profitable. Visit our Testimonials page to see the proof.

CMCI is your project expert. Unlike others, we have created vetted systems to streamline and optimize your relocation or transition. Our on-the-fly creative problem solving combined with our experienced know-how can save hundreds of thousands of dollars during a large-scale project. (See a few examples on our Experience page.) These systems minimize your short-term costs and maximize your long-term profits. We know that no two projects are alike, and your experience with the process is just as important as the process itself.

Projects (business moves or transitions/activations) should be smooth, efficient, and seamlessly integrated into the daily operations of your business. With CMCI on your team, your company, hospital or institution can be fully operational and profitable immediately. Plus, your relocation is an opportunity—yes, an opportunity—to upgrade your entire organizational system for higher productivity and profitability. CMCI treats your project as an integrated operation rather than a costly additional undertaking. High-quality services are an investment, not a financial splurge. Watch your collaboration with CMCI pay out a massive return on investment (ROI) over the next quarter.

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