Audit and InventoryManagement teams are often so busy with daily responsibilities that they don’t have a good handle on the quantities of equipment owned. It is just as common to have inaccurate seating charts highlighting where each employee is located. Corporate Move Consulting Inc can help with audit and inventory control.

CMCI will inventory your furniture, equipment and even your people so you have a solid count on what is being moved and where it is located. Even more valuable is our ability to account for your office equipment and the related utilization. We’ve saved clients tens of thousands of dollars by notifying them that they don’t actually need to purchase new equipment, but rather can use underutilized equipment from another department. Our consultative approach truly allows you to reap the benefits.

We can also audit and inventory specific locations for your staff.

In addition, CMCI offers furniture and equipment liquidation upon client’s request. We will add your items to the catalogs on our website for purchase by furniture liquidators and/or other companies.

To engage with a dedicated move consultant on your next office audit or relocation, contact CMCI today.