What is a Move Consultant?

August 13, 2020

What is a Move Consultant?

Preparing for an upcoming move can be an overwhelming task, especially when considering how much money a mistake can cost to fix. The solution for taking the risk and stress out of your upcoming move is hiring an experienced Move Consultant. A Move Consultant can take charge and either manage your move in its entirety or help with specific elements with which you may require assistance. Expert move consulting companies will offer a multitude of services to streamline your relocation—from assisting in facilitating move scenarios to decommissioning your old space based on your lease requirements. Essentially, the move consultant will work closely with you and your team to ensure your office is moved to your exact specification.

Not only will a Move Consultant provide industry knowledge and expertise in all phases of your relocation, he or she will also understand the complex organization that goes into a move. A successful consultant knows how to work with a client’s team to make the move efficient for all departments. Moving Consultants should be confident in collaborating with a plethora of vendors. They know what hidden charges to look for and how to maximize value and reduce costs for the overall move. Evaluating packing strategies, managing mover scheduling and invoicing, inventory management are just a few of the skills any reputable Move Consultant possesses. Corporate relocations can be complicated and overlooking a single task can lead to lost revenue and man-hours for your company. When you hire a vetted Move Consulting business, its team will handle the legwork on your behalf.

So how do you choose the best move consultant for the job? Experience matters. The best Relocation Consultants come from either the moving industry or have significant corporate relocation consultation experience. When looking for the right Move Consultant for your needs, check references and past customers to ensure the company’s resume is accurate.

Simply put, all of the calls, research, and plans that go into facilitating your own corporate move can cause a huge headache and make you neglect your regular work duties. Luckily, a Move Consultant can reduce your risk and even help you stay fully operational during your relocation. Move Consultants develop complete relocation project plans for clients that minimize downtime, relieve work anxiety, and ensure nothing is overlooked. An experienced Move Consultant can take on your project from start to finish, no matter the complexity of your business or organization.

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