We’re Moving: How to Break it to Your Employees

September 17, 2020

We’re Moving: How to Break it to Your Employees

You’ve kept the burgeoning plans for your office relocation under wraps until now, but the proposals have been finalized, and it is finally time to notify your employees. We don’t have to remind you that the people who work for your company are the most valuable resource you have, so you need to take extreme care in making them feel optimistic and secure about the move—from the initial announcement all the way to the setup of your new space.

The first step to accomplishing this is to outline your announcement with transparency and communication at the forefront of your mind. Change makes people feel vulnerable, and when an entire office space moves, we guarantee there will be at least a few uneasy employees. You can limit this apprehension by relaying clear information and answering questions truthfully. Tell them why you have decided to move, what this move will accomplish, and whether or not their jobs are at stake. If you promise job security, you need to keep your word. If there will be restructuring, let your employees know ahead of time; they will appreciate your honesty and take the necessary steps to protect themselves.

An important aspect of pre-move planning that many businesses mistakenly disregard is an established way to communicate updates, questions, responsibilities, and concerns between staff members, managers, and contractors hired for the relocation. With so many aspects to plan and transmit, employees can feel irritated and purposefully uninformed if an effective communication plan is not created. A well thought-out communication matrix eases stress, promotes transparency, and makes every team member feel influential to the task at hand.

Lastly, include everyone into some of the decision making. You can create an excited atmosphere for your team by starting online polls for interior décor ideas. This will start a conversation around the workplace that will encourage individual tastes and friendly competition. If your budget allows, you should also grant employees the ability to have options in choosing their personal office equipment. If Kathy in HR prefers a standing desk, let her know she can ask for one to be supplied in the new space.

Giving staff a judgment-free platform to ask questions and letting them have a bit of say in their future office will help take the fear out of the relocation and motivate everyone to make the move a worthwhile effort.

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