Treating Your Tech with Respect

September 10, 2020

Treating Your Tech with Respect

It seems that in the blink of an eye, office spaces filled with bulky desktop towers and monitors the size of microwaves have transitioned to using sleek, compact devices.  While drastic innovations in technology are smart to adhere to, they can be expensive and time-consuming upgrades. Especially in the age of COVID-19, where tough times have been ever present, new computers and tech accoutrements may not be in the budget. Luckily, not all tech adaptions are essential to remaining competitive in your industry. If properly cared for, most tech assets will remain productive and reliable for a few years after your purchase. So, when you start to notice your computer getting a bit slower than you remember it being, try these tips first before opening your pocketbook for another hefty tech spend.

One of the first steps to take should be getting to know the IT Specialist team at your company. An IT Specialist’s job entails resolving tech problems first and foremost. As tech ages, it needs maintenance; it does not mean that your computer system is obsolete as soon as its performance falters. Meeting with your IT Manager to explain your philosophy on prolonging technical investments will help put an end to this way of thinking. While most IT teams focus on keeping a thorough itinerary for information security systems, actual hardware preservation can be easily overlooked.[1] Help your IT Specialists understand your expectations by suggesting a continuous maintenance schedule for company hardware. This plan can stipulate that each device be cleaned annually to free fans and ports of dust and debris, among other tasks.

This is not to say that you should ignore technological innovations; you need to keep an eye out for tech that will help your business, but you must also conduct a lot of research before you decide to click the “add to cart” button. Read reviews, talk to professional connections who have experience with the tech, and understand how it will fit into your current operations. Most importantly, speak with the employees who will be working with this technology regularly to complete their work. Listen to their concerns and ask for their opinions after they have had sufficient time to do a bit of research of their own on the technology in question. If you get the sense that your team will be frustrated and anxious with the new implementation, you might want to wait for a better solution to come along.

Purchasing new, exciting technology for your business operations can be tempting, but taking the time to maintain the tech you have recently invested in is usually a better option. If you give your technology the attention and resources it needs to keep up with the various demands of business, you will feel justified in your original investment.



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