Things to Consider When Relocating Art at the Office

August 19, 2021

 Relocating Art at Office


Art installations are a big part of what brings your space together. Depending on the piece, art can cause happy moods within employees or sponsor a feeling of pride in the work you do at your business. However, when relocating into a new office, the art installations are commonly overlooked until the last minute. Some of it must be handled and rehung by art installation specialists, and so waiting to make these decisions can cost you in the long run. Here are a few things to think about when deciding how to transition your office art.

Does the style match your new space?

If you are moving into a newly renovated building that has a more modern approach to interior design and architecture, the décor currently in your office may detract from the new space. Just as you must reevaluate your furniture choices to match the new office, The decorations will most likely need to be examined as well. Moving outdated art into your more modernly styled space would be counterintuitive, so reaching a conclusion on what to do about the installations early in the process is a wise choice.

Do you need to hire professionals to take down, transport, and rehang the art?

As you probably know from personal experience, hanging art is always harder than you expect it to be. Whether in a residential or corporate setting, doing it by yourself often means balancing on chairs or ladders while someone stands behind you saying “a little to your left… no, your other left.” Not to mention, how heavy and unwieldy the art can be.  In most cases, it is in your best interest to hire a professional who can ensure your art is hung without damage to the walls or the pieces themselves.


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