The Employee Difference

January 18, 2016

Training + Benefits + Commitment = A dedicated team of skilled individuals.

When it comes to crowdsourcing, we don’t believe the hype. This is why we believe having W-2 Employees that receive benefits including vacation, sick days, and a 401K is not only worth it but necessary.

  1. Training. All employees that join CMCI are trained in our 5 Step Process and are embedded into our detail oriented corporate culture. This allows us to feel confident in the team that we assign to work on your project. We know that they understand the importance of implementing our process and that they are well-versed in doing so thus giving CMCI overall quality control.
  2. Commitment. We acknowledge our team’s commitment to us by returning it. Our employees are a priority and we make sure they know that. Each team member is recognized for their unique skill set and as a valuable asset to us and rewarded as such.When employees are valued- they stick around.
  3. Trust. We know every member of our staff. Well-established relationships with each of our employees allows us to make the best choices in creating teams and assigning projects.

We do not doubt the capabilities of our employees. We know the training they have had, we watch them work on a daily basis, and have seen their dedication and effort to our clients. We choose employees over contractors, because we want to ensure that the team that we send out is one that our clients can trust.

Here at CMCI we believe that teams make a difference so we choose to give more.  We found that the time and effort that we put into our employees is reflected in their outstanding performances on the job and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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