The Cost of a Poorly Managed Move

February 25, 2021

cost of a poorly managed move
The vast majority of corporations experience distractions and loss of productivity in their business throughout the relocation process—in fact, a survey completed by Knotel found that only 5% of executives reported that it was “business as usual” during their corporate moves. Further, it can take months to get operations up and running efficiently in a new building if not planned and implemented correctly. The only way to guarantee a smooth transition without distraction is to utilize an experienced move consultant firm. The existence of this service is not widely known but has been instrumental in the successful moves of some of the largest companies around.

With 95% of executives reporting distractions at their workplace in some capacity, how much is this inefficient use of time and organization costing? More than you’d think: when managers must set their normal activities aside to learn how to facilitate an entire relocation, important tasks start to fall through the cracks. The workforce becomes anxious about the changes and lack of structure, and suddenly the corporation is not reaching its goals. Factor in the inherent setbacks when new obstacles cause inexperienced relocation organizers to make costly mistakes, and it’s no wonder why transitions create major risks for the company. Luckily, there are experts whose sole career is focused on making clients’ transitions as effortless and cost efficient as possible.

A valuable move consultant will often save companies their fee by minimizing downtime, organizing schedules and processes for maximum efficiency, and actively looking out for ways to save clients’ money. CMCI has been in the transition services industry for 18 years—we can coordinate a move around any situation. Our clients can attest!

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