Success Story: Saving a Company Thousands and an Entire Week of Downtime

November 12, 2020

Saving a Company ThousandsIf you are involved in Operations, you know that shutting down your business during a normal workday is a worst-case-scenario type of decision. For every day that your operations are down, you could be losing hundreds of thousands in revenue, depending on the size of your business. Temporarily shutting down a business when it is unnecessary to do so puts an unneeded strain on your company’s finances.

Case in point, when a mover told a large Houston-based plumbing company that they would need to halt business for a full week to relocate their offices and warehouse, the amount of opportunities that would be lost for a move in this time frame was out of the question. The president of the company called CMCI. We knew instinctually that a weeklong move and shutdown was an unacceptable estimate for this client.

The dilemma that many businesses find themselves in during a commercial relocation is that accomplishing a move is tricky work and not something they deal with every day. When proper planning and a time-tested relocation process is not implemented, moves become a huge headache (and cost) for the company. A business relocation is more than packing boxes and loading them onto a truck; a great deal of preparation must take place before the actual move begins. When move preparation and follow-up are handled correctly, your business will experience minimal downtime, and you can go straight to work once the new space is set up; no delays! However, when companies opt to “go it alone” for the planning and implementation phases, it often results in more costs.

CMCI was hired to facilitate the plumbing company’s relocation, and we are proud to say that we did it with absolutely zero downtime. Zero! The employees were able to continue billing while we coordinated the transition without interrupting their workflow. The move took place on Friday, and by 5:30, we were gathered in the lobby drinking cocktails with the employees and celebrating their relocation.

During the follow-up, the president stated that our services rescued her company from “chaos you cannot quantify.” They immediately saved $30,000 from staying operational during their move, but the value of our move consulting went beyond those initial savings. Without our detailed approach to organization and management, our client estimates that it would’ve taken a whole month to get everything fully operational again–the billing department would not even have their desks without the foresight of CMCI’s project managers. With our processes we were able to save this company thousands and downtime.

Your relocation is an opportunity to upgrade your company’s entire organizational systems for higher efficiency and profitability. CMCI has systems to ensure that neither big nor little tasks fall through the cracks. These cracks could shut your business down, and most people don’t think about them until it’s too late. Consider give us a call or sending a detailed message in our contact form.

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