Relocation Essentials: Don’t Forget About IT!

January 14, 2021

relocation essentials

In large corporations, IT can feel like a mysterious area of high-tech gadgets and power cords galore. This equipment—and the people maintaining it—play an essential role in keeping your business protected and operational. Therefore, the IT Department should be one of your first considerations when relocating.

Since your company’s IT Department is in charge of maintaining servers, file backups, and security systems—to name just a few responsibilities—they will need to be given plenty of time to ensure your technical operations are ready for the transition. Furthermore, with these large preparations underway, adding on the task of physically disconnecting and reconnecting every single computer in the facility is usually too much to put on your IT team’s plate. The last thing you want to do is overextend your IT technicians—we’ve been called into relocation projects for last minute recon many times, and one of the most common aspects we encounter is an overly stressed IT Department.

That’s why CMCI offers IT Support in addition to our transition planning and move support services. While your IT team is busy breaking down your old building’s tech and setting up your new space, our team personally disconnects and reconnects your computers, printers, phones, and other hardware with the utmost care and organization. Our documented process and implemented safeguards will ensure your computers are set-up and working in optimal condition once relocated to the new space. With our experienced and certified professionals, the CMCI team can install and configure computer workstations, diagnose hardware and software faults, manage cable installation needs, and solve technical and applications issues to prevent any loss of productivity as a result of your relocation.

Months—and sometimes years—of planning go into relocating a complex corporation. You are preparing for one massively coordinated dance of hundreds of people, dozens of service providers, and thousands of moving parts. Hiring a move consultant who takes care of all these tasks—from organizing the entire move schedule to deinstalling and reinstalling the individual computers for your staff—ensures that your transition is frictionless, and you can get right back to business the moment the moving company drives off. At CMCI, we make sure this happens for each and every one of our clients, from the small startups to the multinational corporations, and everyone in between. Call 713-864-2890 or submit information in our contact form.

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