Relocating Out-of-Office Team Members

November 18, 2021

relocating out-of-office team members


With the rise of Work from Home policies in the past few years, many facilities managers have been faced with ending lease contracts while a sea of offices remain filled with employee belongings, files, and equipment. We will cover what it takes relocating out-of-office team members.

No one remembers exactly what was left in their on-site offices when WFH began, so organizing and facilitating a move of hundreds of employee belongings with the confidence that everything is accounted for is quite the stressful task to put oneself under.

Luckily, corporations faced with this dilemma have been turning to experienced move consultants to organize and supervise these relocations. One of the best suggestions we can offer would be to safely coordinate a way for employees to come to the office and take home any personal items and throw away anything that does not need to be moved. Although this seems like a lot of coordination up front, it helps the move go more quickly and efficiently if movers do not have to move excess material. It also keeps employee personal items safe from damage or loss.

The complications of moving team members who have not been on-site in months—maybe even years—puts many inherent risks on your hands. Corporate Move Consulting Inc. plans every aspect of your move for you and is skilled in navigating around obstacles in the relocation before they can affect your budget or time frame. Relying on an industry-tested move consultant to handle these complex moves is the first step in ensuring your move is completed without a hitch. Check out what a few of our former clients have to say about their relocation experience.

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