Plant Some Productivity in Your Workspace

April 29, 2021

plant productivity in your workspace

One of the easiest ways to boost employee morale and the overall vibe your office invokes is to start incorporating living plants into the space. For such a minor solution, but there are many major benefits to adding a little bit of nature to your office décor. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider adopting a green thumb:

Increase in Productivity

In a study titled “The relative benefits of green versus lean office space: Three field experiments,” researchers found that productivity in workplaces increased by 15% when plants were added to the work areas. This is because plants take carbon dioxide out of the air and replace it with oxygen. Therefore, oxygenating the workspace clears the clouded minds that excess carbon dioxide causes in staff.

Less Sick Days

We’ve all experienced how draining a room without sunlight or greenery can be. If your employees are spending their entire workday without the presence of nature—even something as simple as a window or a house plant—it can be damaging to their physical and mental health. If staff feels energized by their working environment, they will not experience the fatigue and anxiety that can lead to sick days and burnout.

Good Moods

We’re human—we crave sunlight and the outdoors. When employees enter a building that does not satisfy their need for the natural environment, it’s no wonder why tensions can rise and irritability increases. When facilities managers add little aspects like plants to show appreciation, happier employees produce more quality work as a result.

Fresh air is good for the body; we shouldn’t ask our workers to deprive themselves of it. Try out this solution and see how your staff responds!

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