Our Origin Story: B.O.B.

May 6, 2021

Our Origin Story B.O.B.

In honor of Small Business Week, we wanted to share our story and mission as a small business located in the historic Third Ward of Houston, Texas. This is who we are and what we stand for.

Corporate Move Consulting Incorporated (CMCI) was created in 2005 with client satisfaction and trust at the forefront of our minds. Our mission statement was simple, yet multi-faceted: manage the successful transitions and activations of businesses, healthcare facilities, and institutions with minimal disruptions to their daily operations. We wanted a logo that reflected our objectives, and so BOB became our mascot:

As the image suggests, BOB stands for Bending Over Backwards. This is the philosophy we operate under for every project we manage. Our clients can vouch for this—in fact, we can typically save our fee by saving projects from the pricey obstacles and surprises inherent with transitions and activations.

CMCI was created out of a desire to implement successful logistical planning and project management to businesses when they are at their most vulnerable. Since its inception, CMCI has been in charge of over 775 projects involving over 44,000 employees and 27.5 million square feet. At CMCI, we pride ourselves in providing the efficiency and effectiveness our clients are seeking for their relocation needs. Always “bending over backwards” to find the best solution.

That’s why we put BOB on everything—it’s our continued promise to our clients that they will be taken care of every time. Fine more about us on our services page.

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