Mover Invoicing: What to Look Out For

December 3, 2021

Mover Invoicing

When trying to keep your relocation on budget, paying attention to the mover invoice is an important task. Although it may feel a bit tedious at the onset, ensuring your personal records match the data on the mover invoicing is the best way to check that you are paying the correct amount for the services you receive. Here are a few things the move consulting experts look out for when reviewing mover invoices:

  1. How many people were in the crew? Every single crew member should sign in when they arrive, so you have an accurate count. If someone arrives after the start time, they must sign in when they begin. With so many moving components in a transition, this is the best way to keep track of how many people are participating.
  2. Do the job titles match what’s on both the sign-in sheets and the invoice? Move crews can come equipped with a plethora of different job titles, including but not limited to driver, mover, installer, supervisor, etc. Each title comes with a different hourly rate, so making sure your records match the invoice is important to stay on budget.
  3. Look out for rates—are they congruent to the rates originally stated? Check the hourly rates of each title highlighted in your contract. If the mover rates have changed after you agreed to do business, you should be charged the original rate agreed upon.
  4. Does the time match your records? It’s important to keep detailed records of the time movers spend on the clock and on break. Mover invoices may not accurately reflect the start times, lunch breaks, and cut times that occurred during your move. Comparing the invoice times to your personal records is important to keep an accurate estimate of budget spend.

These are a few of the most common discrepancies found on a mover invoice that we come across. At CMCI, we keep track of all the details from transition start-up to post-move follow-up. Check out our services and see how a move consultant can ease the stress of your transition.

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