If I Draw It It Will Fit

February 11, 2021

if i draw it it will fit
Over the years, we have had many clients believe the statement, “if I draw it, it will fit.” What we mean by this saying is that companies often believe they can draw out their office configurations without measurements of the room or the furniture they are purchasing. To exacerbate matters, the location of electrical or data/phone wiring is usually not taken into consideration either.

Of course, as move consultants, we steer clients away from these pitfalls. Part of our job is ensuring that items will fit in their new space well before we show up on site with movers, trucks, IT technicians, etc. 

The cost of not preparing for your move in this way can be devasting.  Why? Well, because it typically has a domino effect. Meaning, if the furniture and equipment doesn’t fit in one room, you will want to put it another room, and suddenly whatever layout plans were created have been rendered futile. Waiting until Move Day to determine arrangements—or drawing floor plans without real dimensions—can cost thousands of dollars. The time it takes to move furniture three or four times while the moving company stands by idly adds up to a lot of extra costs. It is always best to make decisions on where furniture goes using accurate measurements and strategic planning.

Guiding our clients in understanding the where, when, and how of their transition is part of our process in ensuring they are prepared for the move. Commercial relocations are not intuitive; it’s the small details that often send transitions out of control. Without a consultant, companies can fixate on tasks that feel larger – like the construction of their space, seating, wiring, etc. While these are obviously important, you need a move consultant who will not only remember the big jobs, but will also take care of the hundreds of tasks that must be planned and completed before the move occurs.

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