How to Help a Packrat Move

August 25, 2020

How to Help a Packrat Move
Your workplace is almost ready to move to its new location, but you can’t help but notice that a few “Packrat Patricks” in your department have not yet prepared for the relocation. Their offices are full of files, supplies, and personal belongings that may or may not be necessary in the new space. No worries, your recent Netflix binge is about to be put to good use: it’s time to become the Marie Kondo of your office building.

Now, instead of asking your colleagues “Does this spark joy?” when helping them organize, you should think more along the lines of “Have you even looked at this in the last 90 days?” It is easy to accumulate a lot of superfluous paper documentation from past projects, like meeting notes, memos, and copies of old client deliverables to name a few. While contingent on company policy, odds are good that all this has already been backed up in an official storage capacity, and these copies were for convenience’s sake. Helping your peers who are more inclined to save everything is crucial for a smooth transition into your new office space. Moving binders full of unneeded information wastes time, space, and most importantly, your new building’s footprint.

Depending on the type of work your company or organization specializes in, you may need to assist colleagues in ensuring that certain files are removed from individuals’ desks and put back in their proper storage areas so that they can be fully accounted for and safely transported. This is especially important for healthcare organizations and businesses storing sensitive client records. A HIPAA violation is the last problem you want to create during a move. Make sure to help your coworkers identify where each type of file should go. If there are documents that are no longer needed, but contain sensitive information, designate a space to shred and properly dispose of materials.

Lastly, continue to prod and pester your coworkers until they take their personal belongings home with them. Some may not think it’s a big deal to leave their macramé flower arrangements for the movers to deal with, but there are a lot of reasons for why this is irresponsible. First off, it is not fair to expect movers to take on the extra scope of moving sentimental objects. Movers bid their work to exclude personal belongings, so moving extra boxes will offset their estimate, causing unhappy contractors and possibly increasing your company’s relocation budget. Additionally, moving companies do not insure personal items, so if your coworkers’ objects sustain damage during relocation, there is not much they can do to have them replaced.

Although these are a few of the most important tips for getting an office space ready to relocate, they only scratch the surface in terms of the planning and organization needed for a smooth transition. We highly recommend utilizing an experienced Move Coordinator who can properly consult your team on how to facilitate a risk-free relocation. From coordinating an office cleanup (at CMCI, we call this procedure “Trash Bash”) to activating a brand new facility, a company with extensive move consulting experience will help every step of the way.

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