How a Move Consultant Can Save Costs During a Downsize

September 16, 2021

Move Consultant Downsize


Downsizing your company’s space is one of the most stressful transitions you will encounter in your professional life. It is a time when cutting costs is not only preferable, it’s crucial to your business’ health. Hiring a move consultant to manage your downsize may sound counterintuitive on the surface level, but can actually make the transition much more cost effective. Here’s how:

An experienced Move Consultant will know where to look to find savings for clients.

Downsizing your company and transitioning into a new space comes with a lot of decisions to make. If you haven’t facilitated many corporate moves in the past, it’s easy to choose options that will cost the company more time and money in the long run. At Corporate Move Consulting Inc, we have the knowledge and experience in determining what needs to be done in order to keep transition costs to a minimum.

Move Consultants are all about efficiency—we get you on your feet and back in business as quickly as possible.

Downtime is the enemy of revenue. For every hour that your business is nonoperational, you are losing money. It may seem logical to adopt a Bootstrap mentality during your move—many DIY transitions start off with instructions for everyone to grab what they can and stick it in the moving trucks, employee cars, etc. Unfortunately, this process has proven to be more time consuming and chaotic than the companies realize. Too many times, we have heard horror stories about supervisors halting daily operations to use the workforce as movers for the day. Not only are these supervisors rendering their employees unprofitable, but the transitions are always majorly disorganized, causing more downtime, confusion, and frustration in the new space.

We have the map for Successful Transitions, and we can help you deftly navigate around them.

Every transition is different, but there are common traps that an inexperienced move manager will accidentally fall into. Sometimes obstacles inevitably appear in a project, but a flexible and skilled move consultant will be able to find a solution quickly.

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