Disaster Recovery

February 18, 2021

Disaster Recovery

When you get back to work and need assistance mitigating further damage, you will need a host of vendors on your team.  Luckily, we have experience managing disaster recovery efforts for large corporations.  


 CMCI was instrumental in assisting a LARGE oil and gas client in getting back to work after their roof blew off after a hurricane in Houston. The natural disaster resulted in damage to four full floors and partially to another 15 floors of the company’s space. Because this client had CMCI on their team, we were able to begin the work needed to get the building repaired and operational as soon as humanly possible. CMCI stayed on the phone until we were able to secure enough movers to start a 24-hour operation to get the client offices organized, labeled, packed, furniture deinstalled, and moved out so that re-construction could begin. We were instrumental in saving our client a ton of time and money. Because of that, they were the first large corporation who suffered such damage to get fully back to work! If your company finds itself sustaining damage, rest assured that CMCI will work tirelessly to get you up and running without delay!









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