Time for Your Corporate Move & Transition Planning

February 4, 2021

 Corporate Move & Transition Planning
Oftentimes, we see corporations and hospitals wait to hire the appropriate vendors for their upcoming projects.  Relocation Day has the tendency to sneak up on you, so taking the time to prepare for the move helps facilitate a smooth transition. To illustrate this point, furniture typically takes 8 to 12 weeks to be built and shipped, so you want to make sure it’s ordered with plenty of time to spare. Factoring these constraints into your project planning is critical to the success of your move or transition.

In most cases, Upper Management gives hard deadlines for moves or go live dates.  For corporations, relocations are often driven by lease endings. In corporate restacks or hospital cases, target dates can also be driven by construction beginning/ending or by census needs (for hospitals specifically).

In all of these scenarios, the biggest winners will be those who allot the appropriate time to prepare and get the work done.

It is a common misconception that holding off on hiring a move consultant will save corporations money. While we are capable of implementing a move plan briskly, having enough time to calmly and rationally think through the details will result in a calmer, more efficient relocation.

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