Cooking Up a Project with a Seasoned Move Consultant

June 17, 2021

Project Seasoned Move Consultant

Whether it’s cooking up a delicious, yet complicated recipe, or transitioning your business into its next physical space, plans can easily go awry when the right resources are not involved. Starting up a project with a seasoned move consultant on your team is the next best step. If you think about your corporate, institutional, or healthcare transition in terms of a carefully crafted recipe, you can see how a miscalculation or misstep can quickly turn a dream project into a nightmare. Luckily, at CMCI we have our own secret recipe for successful transitions and activations; here are the basic ingredients:

A Giant Glug of Organization

It may sound like a lot to call for, but organization really is the main component to an efficient transition. In a commercial move, for instance, there are literal hundreds of aspects and moving parts to consider.  If you aren’t extremely careful with the logistics and schedule of your transition, you could very easily end up in a situation that derails the whole project.

A Dash of Teamwork

You can’t complete your project without it—planning your transition with your team members (both internal and external) ensures that every obstacle is identified and handled in a timely manner. In most cases, there’s too much to be done for an internal team to accomplish on its own.

Patience and Communication to Taste

Just as every dish needs salt and pepper to taste right, every transition requires patience and communication to go smoothly. Employees not involved in the project need to be aware of the future of their workspace. You should be able to answer questions, resolve any concerns, and remain flexible while doing so. These two tools will go far in assuring your coworkers, and the company as a whole, that everything is going as planned.

Planning and facilitating a corporate, institutional, or healthcare transition or activation is a hard task to complete, but there are ways to ensure a beneficial experience, like hiring a move consultant. Make sure your move is a recipe for success, not disaster.


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