Convincing the C-Suite You Need Outside Help

August 5, 2021

If you have been tasked with handling your corporation or institution’s relocation, you are probably overwhelmed with the number of things to coordinate, plan for, and prepare against. When larger companies attempt to handle their transitions internally, chaos can quickly ensue; there are so many details to remember when planning for a move, anyone not in the move consulting profession can understandably become inundated and stressed throughout the process. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to minimize the impact of a move on your company, but in reality, moves are extremely risky without a transition expert on your team. Luckily, coordinating transitions is what we at Corporate Move Consulting Inc excel at—we literally do it for a living.  

We are in the business of detail planning and finding cost-effective solutions—in fact, we usually save our clients our fee by streamlining processes and finding areas in which they can save money during the move. When attempting to put together a successful move on your own, you never know what you don’t know. A botched relocation can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars, and months of instability post-move. Our processes and planning prevent this from happening. 

The resounding issue that we see when internal team members meet with executives to discuss bringing on a move consultant is that with all of the pieces that go into a move, you don’t know what they’re going to ask you, so you won’t know how to answer their questions. At CMCI we have a tried and perfected method for each aspect of a corporate move, and we can address any concerns they may have. Attempting to pitch move consulting services to the C-Suite alone is hard when there are a plethora of questions, and you are not familiar with the relocation process. For this reason, we believe the best plan of action is to schedule an appointment for your project team, C-Suite, and CMCI to meet and discuss the upcoming project. Every move is different, and everyone has different concerns about the process—we can speak honestly and resolve any worries the C-Suite may have.  

It is best to have the proposed move consultant dispense information directly to the executives so that everyone understands the requirements of the project and how CMCI can help. If you aren’t sure about how a move consultant can help with your transition, allow CMCI to prove it to you and your team. With over three decades of experience in the industry, we’re the move consultants you can trust. 

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