Common Pitfalls of Industrial Moves

April 22, 2021

common pitfalls of industrial moves

When you own an industrial business—manufacturing, plumbing, warehousing, etc.—a big part of your day-to-day is figuring out transportation logistics. On the surface level, it may seem like the best solution would be to bootstrap the project, especially when you have a whole fleet of workers with vans to move equipment.

But many business owners in the industrial sector have learned this fact the hard way: trying to internally handle your own relocation process can cause serious unforeseen issues for the company.

For one, if your team is occupied with the many tasks that go into moving a business, who is out in the field to do the work that pays the bills? Your company loses major revenue for every day that you are not operational. It’s also important to note that hiring movers to accomplish the physical relocation will be less costly than what you would be paying your people to do it. Pulling your employees away from their normal jobs to facilitate your move will cost you thousands of dollars that could’ve been saved by hiring a move consultant.

You may think it will take no more than a weekend to move everything over to your new warehouse and office space. That may be the case, but only with the help of a professional. This is because an experienced transition consultant will know the most efficient way to prep and implement a successful industrial relocation. When businesses try to coordinate their own relocations, they often make common move mistakes, therefore costing the company more time and money in the process.

Just because equipment is on pallets and you have company-owned trucks to provide transportation does not mean that the move will be an easy feat. We have heard a long list of horror stories from companies who tried to complete their own moves—don’t let your company fall for the same miscalculations. Visit our Contact Page to begin planning your risk-free transition.

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