Choosing the Right Subcontractor for You

January 21, 2021

Choosing the Right Subcontractor for You
Oftentimes with a big project that involves the services of multiple subcontractors, the task of finding the right partners for the job can feel overwhelming. It’s easy to approve vendors suggested to you without hesitation; the anticipation of launching your project amps up every time you think of how great your new space will be—and it’s a great thing to be excited about! However, what if in your excitement to start your relocation process, you are misguided into choosing a subcontractor whose standards and philosophy do not line up with your own? Liking your vendor is important—you will be working together for a long time!

In industries that require a lot of collaboration between subcontractors, after years of working concurrently, it’s fairly common for financial arrangements to arise. “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours,” as the saying goes. But beware—although these agreements may seem harmless on the surface, they can often mean higher bids and subpar work for your company!

The best way to protect yourself and your company from financially destructive deals is to take your time finding reliable vendors. Consider others’ recommendations, but always conduct your own research to see if you come to the same hiring decision.

Pro tip: Another good practice is to insist that all subcontractor proposals are sent directly to you, whether as a carbon copy or a sole recipient. This is how you can ensure vendor bids have not been tampered with.

Since your company will ultimately be the one paying for the full array of vendors and subcontractors, make sure you award contracts to professionals who match your expectations and leave the best impression. If you don’t see eye-to-eye before the project even begins, you’ll be in for some major head-butting in the future! Always trust your own personal instinct—if your gut says something’s off, it’s probably right.

You make the final decision on which vendors to hire for your project. Your contractors will make recommendations, but if their advisements feel misguided or contrary to your company’s best interests, do not be afraid to say so! A poorly executed move can damage the morale and productivity of your entire company as you struggle to fix the mess created by an ill-equipped subcontractor. Never let someone take advantage of your hiring decisions; you are the client, and you deserve honest and truthful consultations. Check out CMCI’s method for a risk-free, profitable relocation.

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