Attributes of a Top Move Consultant

August 27, 2020

Attributes of a Top Move Consultant

A Day in the Life of a successful Move Consultant always demands the ability to think on one’s feet. A relocation is never as straight-forward as it seems, so when obstacles arise, a Move Consultant must have the experience and the confidence necessary to get past them. Clients hire Move Consultants to foresee possible pitfalls and deftly navigate around them, so if Move Consulting firm lacks expertise, it is doing its customer a disservice.

When flexibility combines with a high-level of organization, one can ensure that a client’s move goes according to schedule, remains under budget, and is conducted in a safe and efficient manner with as little impact to business operations as possible.

Being able to adapt quickly to new environments and situations is what differentiates a good consultant from a bad one. Changes occur, plans shift, schedules are altered; that is how life works. However, regardless of new implementations along the way, the end result of the relocation should always be what the Move Consultant promised the client, if not better.

As a Move Consultant, reactions and adjustments to unexpected occurrences should be seamless, and the impact one’s solutions have on staff should be near non-existent.  An effective Move Consultant will rely on prior experiences and provide the foresight required to stop issues from occurring in the first place.

Extensive planning on the front-end is what truly differentiates a Move Consultant from a Mover. Think of a Move Consultant as a Wedding Planner; no one would hire the Officiant to plan the ceremony, would they? A Move Consultant’s time will be spent conducting meetings, liaising with architects and general contractors, hardware support, managing vendor services, inventory/auditing services, and logistics support—and those are just a few of the elements that you may be involved in on a daily basis. Corporate relocations typically require more planning than a Mover can provide.

A proficient Move Consultant will know how to lay out a corporation’s new floor plan to maximize the space, arrange pre-moving preparation with employees and property managers, and help manage any furniture dispositions that may be needed. Yet regardless of the level of planning, if a change does come up, a client should be able to trust that the Move Consultant will be prepared for the change and have the process model in place to overcome the obstacle and ensure a smooth transition.

An experienced Move Consultant can simplify the complications of a major relocation and prevent major losses in productivity or equipment for clients. To become a top Move Consultant in the industry, one must be available, accessible, and adjustable at all times. Adherence to a methodical proven process for corporate relocations will ensure a Move Consultant can provide clients with the highest possible level of service.

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