6 Tips for Curating a Safe Workspace

June 5, 2020


  6 Tips for Curating a Safe Workspace

      Have a temperature checking station and screen employees as they come into work.

2.  Sterilize all commonly touched areas such as keyboards, staplers, phones and headsets, pens, pencils, and chairs. Sanitize handles and counter-tops, doorknobs and light switches. Do this before employees come back to work.

3.  Spread office spaces to be 6 feet apart, move people, and make them feel comfortable in understanding their new space is temporary.

4.  Provide hand sanitizers to employees and have extra soap prepared in the restrooms.

5.  Provide comfortable PPE for employees to wear to ensure everyone is staying safe.

6.  Set up a support system for your employees, as they return to work and adjust to the new normal, emotional challenges are presented by the current pandemic.

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