3 Logistic Considerations When Renovating Your Current Space

May 10, 2021

logistics considerations when renovating
So your company has begun preparations for renovating your current office space—this is exciting news!  A building that fits the style, logistics, and demands of the modern world always brings an invigorated atmosphere to the workplace. However, doing the actual planning for an office renovation feels a little less celebratory. Moving resources for a remodel requires a lot of choreography, and many underestimate the amount of decisions and factors that go into completing a successful office revamp. Although you are not permanently relocating to another facility, you have to account for lack of space and constant process adaptions, all while attempting to maintain your corporation’s daily operations. Luckily, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to get you in the swing of things!

  1. Make sure everyone is fully aware of the renovation plans and how they will affect their work. Since you are not moving out of your space, you will need to have an idea of where furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) as well as people will go when their areas are being remodeled.
  2. We HIGHLY suggest documenting exactly where everything is stored—you don’t want to forget where resources are stored during a high stakes deadline! Bringing a move consultant in to advise your team on move logistics will mitigate the stress and chaos that often comes with space renovations.
  3. Consider ahead of time whether or not your current FF&E will fit with your newly renovated office. If your corporation just spent big bucks removing the 70s style interiors, you probably don’t want to bring back the outdated furnishings. However, just because you’re getting new FF&E doesn’t mean the old furnishings should take a nonstop trip to the dump! We suggest going the Green Liquidation route, which we cover in detail in our past blog post, “Green Liquidation: A Way to Give Back and Be Eco-Friendly.” Check it out!

Remodeling is a lot of work, but it’s worth it! When your office renovation is done, your coworkers feel invigorated and ready to tackle the day. Efficient and effective office design makes previously tedious tasks easier to accomplish. If move logistics are properly managed, you can save yourself from months of headaches, lost productivity, and dangerous breakdowns in internal systems. Move consultants are the experts in move management and can help you reach your workplace goals—every time! 

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