June 3, 2021

What is a Restack, and Do I Need One?

A restack—or a shuffle—is industry lingo for internal relocations within your current space. These happen for a number of reasons: building renovations, departmental reorganization, or just a refresh of your seating chart. These transitions are fun to do, but they take a lot of planning and sequential logistics to do efficiently. As experts in relocations, we want to provide you with a few pointers to consider when thinking about a restack at your place of business.

  1. If Employee A needs to move into Employee B’s office, but Employee B has to wait for Employee C to vacate her office, how the heck do you put together a reliable schedule? Confusing, right? In order to solve this problem, you need to have a plan ahead of time. If not, you will have stacks of boxes sitting in hallways, frustrated employees, and items will inevitably go missing in the process. The major complication with restacks is that the spaces you’re moving into are in the process of moving out themselves. Figuring out how to organize your schedule and plan spaces for optimal storage while all the moving parts come together is crucial to the success of an internal move.
  2. During a renovation, your methods of transport may be compromised. Do you know which days the elevator will be out of commission? Is the main hallway getting recarpeted while you are attempting to cart gondolas full of resources across the office? Your moves do not occur in a vacuum, and more often than not, there are other vendors and building projects in the works during your internal transitions.
  3. Consider what resources individual departments need, and how their new spaces will impact their ability to get work done effectively and efficiently. If you’re moving payroll to a new floor, do they have a space that can be locked to protect employee information? In order to have happy employees, you have to look at each departments’ needs individually to determine if they will be able to do their job with ease in the new space. If not, you are going to have some very disgruntled staff on your hands, understandably.

Though the above highlights a few of the most common problems companies, institutions, and organizations experience when restacking, they are far from the only ones. The best way to ensure a successful transition is to hire the experts.

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