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Why the Best Workplace Cater to the Human Spirit

A fresh workplace experience isn’t just a perk, it’s a necessity. It nourishes engagement, ignites creativity, and fosters well-being – all crucial for attracting and retaining top talent, driving productivity, and ultimately, building a vibrant culture. Gregory Dudgeon and Tucker Dupree will speak about how BP is using employee experience programming to enhance their enterprise.


Greg Dudgeon

Director – Colleague Experience and Workplace Engagement

Greg Dudgeon has a diverse career spanning eight years of experience serving in various positions in the United States Navy, further honing his facility management expertise in Houston’s oil and gas industry, where he focused on areas such as vendor relations, workplace management, lease development, and customer service.

Currently, as the Colleague Experience Lead for the Americas region on the bp account at JLL, Greg is dedicated to enhancing the overall employee experience and creating a positive work environment. Excelling in understanding employee sentiment and tailoring workplace approaches to meet their needs, Greg has successfully increased engagement and productivity within the organization. His achievements include coordinating return-to-office operations, leading a highly effective team that conducts numerous impactful events annually, and implementing engagement programs across diverse cultures.

Tucker Dupree
Colleague Experience Lead, Americas | DEI Leader | Accessibility BRG One Team Lead, Americas

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