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The AIA Houston Women in Architecture Committee is pleased to announce the seventh annual Equity Series JUST Design!  

Architecture’s Role in Supporting Social and Environmental Equity

Explore how Houston, a dynamic metropolis, grapples with “JUST Design” amid rapid growth and climate challenges, prioritizing social and environmental justice. Shaped by a history of urban sprawl and redlining, Houston’s architects reimagine spaces to address urban inequalities, focusing on the unique impact on women and BIPOC communities.  Unveiling the city’s evolving architectural role, the series spotlights innovative designs fostering inclusivity and combating environmental degradation. Examining projects and policies reveals a conscientious approach to urban development, balancing economic prosperity, social justice, and sustainability. Amidst the global discourse on climate change and social equity, Houston’s embrace of “JUST Design” becomes a beacon, showcasing design’s transformative power for a more just and sustainable future.

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