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Modern Feng Shui Practice

Modern Feng Shui Practice: A Hands-On Design Workshop

AIA Credit: 2.0 HSW


In this hands-on workshop, Feng Shui master and architect Chao-Chiung (C.C.) Lee explores the intersection of traditional Feng Shui practices with modern green design principles in a method which he titles the Green TEA Approach (Total Environmental Alignment). Feng Shui is grounded in ageless Chinese philosophies and practices aimed at promoting a harmonious relationship between people, their living space, and their surrounding environment. This course examines the core components of Feng Shui, architecture, and modern green design, highlighting the importance of harmonious interaction between human and environmental elements as they pertain to key aspects such as health, safety, welfare, and sustainability. This is achieved through the in-depth study of the two main Feng Shui philosophies known as the form and compass schools.


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